★ Raising the Fairy

★ Raising the Fairy     ★ 요정키우기
Original by 나꾸 (Naku)
Translated by 드플&거미몬 (Dfle&Spidie)



Welcome to the fairy land.
This egg, which is the fairy egg is what you requested in advance.
Please, take care it well with your love.

The Protagonist: H.. Hey!! I didn't request it!

(the egg hatches)


???: Wake up!!

???: Hey!!

The Protagonist: (Woke up)

Fairy: Whew.. really like this...

The Protagonist: (shocked)

Fairy: Well... I should plug my ears....

The Protagonist: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

The Protagonist: Sh.. She is an alien!!!!!!!!

Fairy: What a stupid b**ch, did you call me 'an alien'??!!

The Protagonist: T.. Then, How are you??

Fairy: Hah... You didn't receive any premonitions, did you?

Fairy: Anyway, I don't have power to talk because I'm hungry. Get some foods.

The Protagonist: What the...


The Protagonist: I told her that I will bought some foods...

The Protagonist: But, where do I buy them..??

The Protagonist: Oh! That's an arrow map, my Messiah!

The Protagonist: I would not find it with bother!

The Protagonist:Click the arrow which 'Here is supermarket' is written!

The Protagonist:Click arrows until I arrive at supermarket

(Fairy Honey) / (Delicious Honey)

The Protagonist: I arrived!!!

The Protagonist: Well, let's pick what matches in fairies taste!

The Protagonist: Pick one that fairy will like in her taste

Fairy Honey
(scroll down)
Delicious Honey
Fairy got mad and killed you.

game over

The Protagonist: Yeah. Though it's delicious, it is labored that fairies don't like it.

The Protagonist: Then, let's go counter. Click the arrow!

Cashier: It is 4,500 won.

The Protagonist: Click the money.

Cashier: Come again later.

The Protagonist: I'll!

The Protagonist: Let's go home, click the button!

The Protagonist: I bought it. How is it? Does it match your taste?

Fairy: Wow! You do know my taste well!

Fairy: If you just believe the sign and buy 'Delicious Honey' which is yucky, I would kill you. But It's no need.

The Protagonist: Huh?... I will think that was just kidding...

Fairy: OK. I would be full. I'll tell you that I didn't tell.



I'm Anako.

I had made music flash, 미워도 사랑하니까(If you hate you, I love you) when I use former ID.

I had wanted to make some raising game.

But I made it now...

I spent my Sunday's time into this.

If I didn't do well, please recognize my efforts, comment and recommend it

* If you replay this game, BGM will overlap.

All Frames: 621 frames
All Symbols : 17 symbols