Black Ball Jump Jump

Black Ball Jump Jump, 검은공의 점프점프
Original by 삐적이 (Pijeoki)
Turned into English by 드플&거미몬 (Dfle&Spidie)

Version 1.0 (full version)

  • This game's copyright is belong to 뻐적이


  • Story

In the world that Black Ball lives in and people have a stereotype that darker is useless but brighter is great...
Black Ball goes to where legendary treasure located to be white...

(stages' stuffs)[편집]

(a wall)
(save point)
(Guess well) - (at stage 14)
(You don't have to move this stage) - (at stage 15)


(bg lol)

Black Ball: Finally, I got the legendary treasure!!

Black Ball: Now, finally, I will be white too! Open it now!!


Black Ball: (opens the treasure box)Waa!!

(After a While...)

Black Ball: Did I become white? Where's the mirror?

Serian Boss(세련두목): (singing~)I'm pleased to become an intermediate! Huh? What is that..

Serian Boss: A.. A Ghost!! Run Away! Ahhhhhhh!!

Black Ball: Huh? Why does he run away? (his eyes became invisible by his white skin)

Black Ball: Well.. Anyway, I should look the mirror...

Black Ball: (looks the mirror) W.. What.... What the hell? My eyes.. My eyes!!

Black Ball: NOOOOO~


  • Black Ball Jump Jump 1.0 version (full version) END
All Frames:
fps: 33
Developer: 삐적이
Cameo appearance: 세련두목

(translator's something to say)[편집]

It isn't a racist game