버블왕 영작 : I turned Bub-Ble-Oh! to English

3번째 본격 영작 : Third time of turing to English.

ps.제가 유희왕을 보지 않기 때문에 용어를 잘 모릅니다 -_- : Because I don't watch Yu-Gi-Oh! so I don't know terms about it

Part 1[편집]

Bubble:Today's an exam day..

Bubble:I don't wanna do exam..

Bubble:Oh yeah! I'll do a Dual to my teacher and ask exempt exam if I win~

Bubble:Hey teacher.. Let's do a Dual and if I win, please exempt me from exam.


Bubble:I'll introduce my girlfriend.



Teacher VS Bubble
Dual of Doing Exam!!


Both's Life Scores:4000


Bubble:At first, I'll summon Hollow Bubble!

(Hollow Bubble was summoned)
His attack power:1300

Bubble:And I flip one card and give you your turn.


Teacher:Summon Cannibal Eraser!!

(Cannibal Eraser was summoned)
Its attack power:2000

Teacher(btw he looks cute):Activate Cannibal Eraser's monster ability! If I spend 500 life scores, give 1500 damages to an opponent!!

Teacher's Life Scores:3500 (4000-500)

Bubble's Life Scores:2500 (4000-1500)


Bubble:Activate the flipped card!!

Bubble:Bubble's scale!!

Bubble:This card can use if I got damages.

Bubble:It gives damage, that I got, to opponent!!!

Teacher's Life Scores:2000 (3500-1500)


Bubble:It's my turn. Select!!

Bubble:Sacrifice my Hollow Bubble,

Bubble:Summon Ghost Bubble!

(Ghost Bubble was summoned)
His attack power:2200

Bubble:Attack to Cannibal Eraser with my Ghost Bubble!

(Cannibal Eraser got Ghost Bubble's laser and explode to death)

Teacher's Life Scores:1800 (2000-200)


Teacher:Summon Math Text Book, which is member of Textbook Armies!

(Math Text Book was summoned)
Its attack power:1700

Teacher:And Field Magic, activate The School!

Bubble:(The.. School?)

Bubble:(What effect does the card have?)

Continue in
Part 2..

Part 2[편집]

Teacher's Life Scores:1800
Math Textbook's attack power:1700

(on the other hand...)

Bubble's Life Scores:2500
Ghost Bubble's attack power:2200

Teacher:Activate an effect of School, the Field Magic!!

Teacher:It can activate Asleep Main Characters in the Book, the consciousness card.

Teacher:I'll take Asleep Main Characters in the Book in my deck.

Teacher:Again, sacrifice my Math Textbook, the part of armies, activate the Asleep Main Characters in the Book, the consciousness card!!!

Teacher:Go! My Ace Card!

Teacher:Summon Cheol-Su And Yeong-Hi!

(Cheol-Su And Yeong-Hi were summoned)
Their attack power:3300

Teacher:Activate an effect of Cheol-Su And Yeong-Hi! Give 4000000 damages to opponent!

Bubble:(really embarrassed)!

Bubble:I really wasn't frightened.(you were frightened for real..)

Bubble:Activate Reflecting, the magic card!!

Bubble:It reflects anything~~~~!!


Teacher's Life Scores:0 (1800-4000000 (But ≥0))

Teacher:(got dunked on)That's imbalanced....

In the end, teacher lost.. XD
(This is end, next episode doesn't exist)