Fairies and Me


요정과나(English ver.)


  • Boram : The main character of this
  • Sera : The fairy of flowers
  • Coco : The fairy of cups
  • The Dark King : The main villain
  • The Dark King's underling : One of the villain. Looks like a cat.
  • The Angel : who gave a pendant to Boram

  • June : The fairy of tools(or bolts) (guessing)(not appearing)
  • Bony : The fairy of gold fish (guessing)(not appearing)

Part 1 : The Child of Light[편집]

Boram:(just watching TV while lying down)

※ She is the main character of this comic.


Boram's Mother:Isn't it school starts tomorrow? Aren't you ready to go to school?



Boram:(come to her senses)Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Boram's Mother:(She's so snide...)(I can't believe it she's the main character...)

Boram:(Lying down on the bed)School Starts...

Boram:(sobbing)I can't believe it tomorrow is school starts!!!

But then, a light appears in front of her.


Boram:What is that?

The Angel:The Child of Light, it's time.

He's handsome

Boram:He... He is.. Handsome..!

The Angel:(*Sighs*)(She doesn't have her memories yet.)

The Angel:Your fairies will let you know.

The Angel:I'll leave.

(The Angel disappeared)



(Then, a pendant appeared to her neck)

Boram:What is this?!


The Underling:They started to act now.

The Dark King:...Really?

The Dark King:Then,

The Dark King:We should start to act now...

The Dark King:(Opens his one red eye.)Industriously.

Boram:(observing the pendant)is it will be worth...?

-What will be Her Carefree destiny
that doesn't know dangers..?
♡To Be Continued♡

Part 2 : Sera, the Fairy of Flowers[편집]

-Previous story-

The pendant which an angel gave to Boram who noticed that today is 1 day before school starts!

And strangers are setting a plan... However, the main character doesn't know that and carefree.

Boram:(looking the pendant)What.. is this pendant..?

Boram:No matter how I look, I can't know..

Boram:However.. Why I feel.. sleep..y?

The Underling:(appears in front of her)It is sleep magic!!

The Underling:This dude.. sleeps weird pose..

He did sleep magic to her...

The Underling:.. Anyway, let's start!

(The underling uses a black magic to the pendant...)

Boram:(Woke up)..What is?!

The Underling:Oh my!!! How!

The Underling:I did sleep magic to you!!

The Underling:F.. For now I'll get back!

(then he disappeared)

Boram:..Ah! What was that..?

Boram:(looking the pendant which received the black magic).. It seems that the center got blacken..

Boram:It is.. just my mistaken..


Boram:(suddenly sleeps)zZ

The Sleep Magic was late ;_;

The Dark King:Can't you do that? You are supposed to clean restrooms!

The Underling:(Poor...)

(And the day was gone.)
Finally, School Starts Day★☆

Boram:Ahhhh!! I slept as it is!!

Boram:(Sobbing) I'm going to school..!!

Boram's Mother:Go to the school hurry~!

Boram's Mother:(Happy)I'm free now~

Boram's Mother:Ahahahahahahaha~

Boram:(She is really harsh........)

(way to school)

Flowers:She is ms. Boram!! Ms. Boram!!!!

Boram:Huh..? Someone told my name?(then looking around)

Flowers:Here!! Here!!

Boram:Ju.. Just now, flowers talked?!

(Then the flowers turned to a small fairy)

???:Ms. Boram~~ I missed you!!

Sera:It's me~~ Sera!!

Boram:Who are that...

Boram:Is it bug..?


Boram:It is interesting for talking bug~

Sera:(Angry)I am..!


Sera:And Cute!

Sera:Fairy. of. Flowers.


Boram:(didn't understand)....


Sera:(Shocked again)What..

♡To be Continued♡

Part 3 : My Pendant is Odd~![편집]

-Previous story :D-

The strange cat who did something strange in pendant stealthily!

But Boram didn't noticed and slept..

And School Starts Day! She met Sera, the fairy of flowers

Boram:So.. Are you my fairy?

Sera:Yes! Bug? That's harsh!!!

Sera:Wait a minute,

Sera:Where is the magic pendant?

Boram:Ah, that? I put it in my school bag.(then take it out and show it to Sera)


Sera:Don't treat that precious thing badly!

Boram:Yeah~ yeah~

Sera:Wear it your neck now!!

Boram:Okay, okay. I wore it. Is it end?


Boram:Why, is there any problem?!

Sera:The magic stone's color is odd!

Boram:(That wasn't my mistaken..)

Boram:So then, what I should do?

Sera:What I.. Should do?

Boram:What.. you talked like the knowledgeable person.

Boram:Oh my! I'm Late!!!!!

Sera:Go together!!!(follows Boram)

(In Mashuri Elementary School)

Boram:I'm sorry to be late!!!

Teacher:(Outraged)Put your bag and stand behind of the classroom!!

Boram:(It is because of flowers bug..)

Teacher:The new friend came to this school.

Teacher:Come here~

(the new friend opens the door)

Teacher:He is U-Jin Yuu, the new friend.

The Underling(form of human):Haha.. It is disguise!!!


Boram:You.. You!!

The Underling:What the... Am I found now?

The Underling:If I failed again, I'll be supposed to clean restroom for a month..

Boram:(didin't noticed)You look like a cat!


The Underling:T.. Thanks

(Meanwhile, Sera...)

Sera:(In Boram's bag with the pendant)Phew.. It is frustrating..

(She is in the bag well.)


(the school bell rang)
in After School♡

Boram:Yeah~ I'm go back to my home~

The Underling:Wait, stop!

The Underling:(back to his form)Give my your Pendant!

Sera:He is!!!

Boram:Why? Who is he?

Sera:He is an underling of demons..

Boram:Let's ignore him -_-

The Underling:(Upset)Ahh!!!!

The Underling:The Pendant...

The Underling:Come On!!

Boram and Sera:Oh no..! The Pendant!!!!

(Pendant came to the underling)

Sera:Was it your doing that the magic stone's color is odd?

The Underling:Yeah

Sera:(raged)Flower Beam!

(But the beam wasn't shot)

Sera:Due to no magic stone, I am weaken!

The Underling:...

Sera:Ms. Boram! You should call the pendant!


Sera:The pendant's owner is you, so it will listen your order!


Boram:The Pendant! Listen Me!

(Then the magic stone's color get back.)

Boram and Sera:It worked!!!

The Underling:I failed again...(Even if I did the magic right then..)

↑He got a cleaning restroom for a month, as a mission


Finally, Boram can communicate with the pendant.
Next, what will be happen..?!
♡To be Continued♡

Part 4 : Coco, the Fairy of Cups[편집]

-Previous Story :)-

The plot of the cat who infiltrated to the school!

...But he failed and got cleaning restrooms for a month as a mission XD

And finally, Boram can communicate with the pendant!

(at Boram's house)

Boram:Ahh.. I'm so tired..

Sera:Because, it doesn't get used to you yet~

Boram:You are playing like an expert again

Boram:At that time, you weren't helpful..

Sera:(had a guilty conscience)

Sera:That was due to the magic stone was odd!!

Sera:Then, the magic stone came back! so...



(Sera uses transform and became like human.)

Sera:Transform complete!☆(and then winks)

Boram:Please, don't pretend to be pretty..


(Suddenly, one blue jewel of the pendant shines)

Boram:The pendant shines!!

Sera:Isn't that blue magic jewel is coco's signal..?

Boram:Who is Coco?

Sera:She is the fairy of cups. I think he is in danger.

Boram:What..? Then, what I should do?

Sera:Hehe.. Believe me.

Sera:At first, prepare the pendant.

Sera:And, put your hand, Ms. Boram.

Sera:Say it! 'Pursuit!'

Boram:Spell is too simple...

Sera:Just do it!!

Boram:OK. Pursuit!

(Then the blue light appeared.)

Sera:Ta Da~

Sera:Follow that blue light.

Boram:Huh? It is going out the door!

Boram:(Looking the light heading)There is kitchen!

Boram:(Entered)Oh! The cup is put narrowly!

Boram:Is this?

(But that cup started falling down)


Boram:Ohhhhhhhhh... Nooooooo...

(But the cup transform into the fairy)

Coco:If you were a little late, it could be a big deal!

Sera:(Transform into the fairy back)Wow~ Coco!

Coco:Don't do that..!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!

Boram:(It is disgusting...)

Boram:By the way, why did you call me instead transforming?


Sera:Because, only you can unlock our seal.

Boram:Ah.. I see..

Boram:(But why are they located close to me?)

Boram:So... Are you around me even before?

Coco:(kicks away Sera)We were locked before.

Boram:Who locked you?

Coco:The Dark King did.

Coco:Before, the warrior of light lost.



Coco:(Why she is staring at me..?)


Coco:She had a pregnant.. She couldn't fight.

Boram:(Failed to reminisce)My destiny will not be like that.. I don't have any boyfriend..

Coco:Oh I see.. But why my tear sweating.. XD

♡To be Continued♡

Part 5?[편집]


Original doesn't have next episode either.