Green Ball's Sewer Jump Jump

Green Ball's Sewer Jump Jump, 초록 공의 하수구 점프점프
Original by 주전자PD_CCL (ZuzunzaPD_CCL)
Turned into English by 드플&거미몬 (Dfle&Spidie)




Somewhere in the Universe, there was a planet where balls live in.

Green Ball who lives there fell into a sewer while looking the night sky.

Green Ball: Ugh.....

Green Ball: Where am I? A sewer? First, let's escape.


Press left and right keys to move, and press space bar to jump.


moving left automatically platform

moving right automatically platform

If you die, it will go back to before stage.

going up platform

...and going down platform

hard to jump platform

※I suggest you jump on this platform once. haha

Highjump Platform


  1. Sewer area A-1
  2. Sewer area A-2
  3. Sewer area A-3
  4. Sewer area A-4 : (※ water flows in area 16 and 22 too.)
  5. Sewer area A-5 (Strange Phenomenon) : (※ Strange Phenomenon happens in area A-10 and A-15 too.) / Green Ball: What the hell...
  6. Sewer area A-6 / Green Ball: Someone fainted on that platform!


Green Ball: H.. He.. Hey? Are you OK?

Rainbow Ball: Ugh....

To be Continued...

all frames : 29 frames

all symbols : 37 symbols

all sounds : 3 sounds

all layers : 1 layer