Insect Friends


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I will translate this into English really.

Main Characters[편집]

Main characters are female. Probably...
  • Lany



Characteristic:Insect Friend's leader, Mint wings

  • Nia



Characteristic:Insect Friend's member, poison sting

  • Lika



Characteristic:Insect Friend's member, studies well

  • Ririka



Characteristic:Insect Friend's member, knows machines well

  • Niki



Characteristic:Insect Friend's member, likes exercising


  • Rarry





  • Arrow Guy


Characteristic:If you click, its color changed. Originally, it is red but sometimes its color is other, Flash career 7 days.

1 : Trip to Seoul (part 1/2)[편집]


TV:Blablablabla... Seoul... Blablablabla..

Lany:... Seoul?

Lany:Seoul... oh, Yes!

Lany:I will try tripping to Seoul with my friends!

Lany:(After calling to her friends)Yay! I called all!

Next Day

Lany:Wow! Today is come!

Lany:I packed backpack... and what time is it now...


Lany:(Kicking a door)Oh NOOO! I LATE!!!!

Lany:I intended to go out at ten o'clock. But now is 10:20?!!!!

Lany:(Flying)I was Late!!!!!!

Meanwhile her friends...





Lany:...Ugh... Was I fast...?

Lany:Ouch... By the way, others?

Lany:They didn't come yet?


Niki:Sorry, we're late... isn't it?

Lany:Hey, you! Why did you come now?!

Niki:I already said sorry... By the way, What time is it?

Lany:Huh... I don't know, I should look time.

Lany:10:57?!!! Hey! Bus is coming soon!!

Bus came.

Lany:Let's get on~

Nia:yay~ :)

So, we arrived to Seoul.

Lany:H..Here is...


- To Be Continued

2 : Trip to Seoul (part 2/2)[편집]

Lany:Trip of Seoul final part!

Lany:Oh, Is here Seoul?

Lika:Hey, what are you doing? Let's go somewhere quickly!

Lany:ah.. Yes! I set a plan!

Nia:Where we go now?

Lany:Umm... I found!

Lany:We're gonna go N Seoul Tower!

Nia:What? N Seoul Tower?

Nia:But... Do you know how to go there?

Lany:I don't know. It will be appear if we just go around~


Ririka:Wow, We're going~


Then, we reached N Seoul Tower.

Lany:See? We just went around. But it appeared!

Nia:Oh, we did come...

Niki:Hey, stop chatting and go watching!

Lany:Okay. :)

Nia:Wow, I'm exciting~!

Ririka:I will take pictures here, ha.

Nia:(in Seoul tower)WOW

Nia:Wow!!! LOL!!!

Lani:Heh, We looked enough, next time is.. "Free Time"!

Niki:What? Free Time? Oh, Yeah!!!

Niki:In Free Time, the shopping is the best!!!!!

Lika:Do you have enough money?

Niki:What, Why Those Are TOO Expensive?!!!


Ririka:(taking pictures)Hehehe, Picture looks so good.

Niki:I left only 1000 won.. By the way, Where is Rika and Nia?

Nia:Sister! Come here~!!

Lika:Yeah yeah... You're too fast!

Nia:haha, Sis! Let's get on that!

Lika:Yes :)

Lika(in Nia's sight):XD EXPECT that... Expect... expect...




Lany:Huh? Time has passed! Net time is.. "Lunch Time"?

They throw their backpacks.

All:(while eating)wa~

We played like that, the time that go back to home came.

Lany:Good bye! See you tomorrow~


Lany:I will go back to home too...

3 : Tired Day[편집]

Lany:What will be happen today?

Lany:(yawns)I slept well.. Ugh... I'm so tired...

Lany:It is because I went to Seoul...? Ugh...


Lany:Huh? Aw, why this time again...

Nia:Sister~ Go my house and play~

Lany:Aw, Okay.. By the way, Aren't you tired?

Nia:Huh? What?

Lany:Ha... I thought so... And, what you have to show to me?

Nia:Heh, how did you correct?

Lany:Okay, okay.. Let's just go...

(In Nia's House)

Nia:Hehe, I bought goldfish~!

Lany:Umm.. Okay, grow them well..

Nia:Hey... why did you expect like that~

Lany:So, what is you expected...

Nia:Hey, sis. You are strange today..

Nia:Go out and get some air~

Lany:Ugh, yes..

Lany:(gets air and smiles)...

Nia:So, did you calm down?

Lany:Umm.. Yeah.

Nia:Okay, Let's go and play game?


Nia:Sis.Lika~ Let's play game!

Lika:Oh, OK :)

Lany and Lika:(Playing a game and laughing)

Nia:Oh, sister.. I will go to restroom for a while..

Lika:Uh, okay! Come fast!

Lika:Huh? Hey, wait..

Lika:Why the screen is like that?!! D:

Lany:Is it Lag?!

Lany:It Lagged!

Nia:Ugh, why the restroom is so sloppy...

Nia:Btw, I heard some sounds..?

Nia:Huh? Why there isn't anyone? They went out?

Lany:(woke up)Ahhhh!!!

Lany:Huh... What a surprise...

Lany:In dream, I saw something strange... Huh...

Nia:(Opens door)Sister~ Let's play game~

Lany:Uh, Okay! I'll go!

Lany:(I was just tired so something strange appeared...)

- To Be Continued

4 : Ririka Wants to Fly[편집]

Ririka:(while watching a butterfly)I.. wanna fly too...

Ririka:Ohh~ It is sunny today!


Ririka:Huh.. What will I do now...

Ririka:Huh? It's a butterfly..

Ririka:Butterfly.. flies...


Ririka:I want to.. fly too...

Ririka:... Yes!

Ririka:If I can't fly, I will made me fly!

Ririka:Let's go home quickly!

First Attempt
-After a while-

Ririka:I made it!

Ririka:(mounted wings)Shall I fly now?

Lany:Can you do that?

Ririka:Absolutely! If I can't do, why I do this?

Lany:So, Jump to here quickly.


Ririka:(Jumps, but falls down soon)...Huh?



Lany:Well... what did I say...

Ririka:But, I couldn't give up!

Second Attempt

Ririka:It will be worked?

Ririka:(riding the flying machine)Wa~ I'm going up! Wow~

Ririka:(... but that machine broke down)wa, What?

Third Attempt

Ririka:Work please...

Ririka:I made it! I don't have doubts that I can't fl

Ririka:(but the glider's handle dis-attached)y...


Lany:What are you doing? Let's play game at Rika's house!

Ririka:Uh... Okay...

Lany:Hey, why are you so upset? Do you have any troubles?

Ririka:Uh... It is...

Lany:(Flying with Ririka)Hey~ If you had such that concerns, you had to talk to me~!

Ririka:Heh.. but, So Thanks!

Lany:You're welcome~ :)

- To Be Continued

5 : School Life[편집]

Lany:Aw... I have to go to school today...

Lany:Awww.... It dazzles...

Lany:Oh, today is Monday.. I have to go to school...

Nia:Sister~ Wake Up~ Today is Mon... Uh? You woke up.

Lany:Aw... Aren't you sleepy?

Nia:yeah~ Anyway, It is 8:25 now!

Lany:Aw... Okay, I preparing as possible as fast...

Nia:Oh, the car will come soon!

Lany:Oh, Okay. I prepared now!

Nia:(Running to school bus)


Nia:Due to sister, I was almost late!

Lany:Oops, Sorry..

Lany:Ah... What do I do today...

Nia:Sister, I will go upstairs first!

Nia:See you after school ends!

Lany:Aw... Tired..

Lany:Because of Monday..

Lany:The schedule is..

Lany:The 1st block(1st period + 2nd period) is Korean...

Lany:I would open a textbook..

Teacher(a butterfly who has purple wing):So everyone, solve question of page 46 1 and 2 and check yourselves...


All:Oh no! Niki! Avoid!!

Break Time


Lany and Ririka:(laughing each other)

Lany:Btw, did you watch that comic?

Ririka:That? I saw it too lol, It ended at episode 4, but I'm sorry to that.

Ririka:I wish it has episode 5 too.

2nd Block


Ririka:When is end...

Break Time

Lany:Hey, Are you okay?

Niki:Ahhh ahhh ahhhh...

Lany:(It seems she was out of mind..)

Fifth Period


Lany:Just hold on to this...

Teacher:Well, today's class is end...

Lany:Yay! Class Ended!



After school ends

Nia:Well, you shall be careful..

Lany:Aw... I was too scared...

Nia:Okay Okay, Let's go home and eat Jajangmyeon.


- To Be Continued

Bonus : Tragedy of Jajangmyeon[편집]

Nia:Sister, Call Jajangmyeon please~

Lany:Okay, I will order now.

Lany:Oh, It came!

Lany:(holding a Jajangmyeon with one hands)Here.

Lany:This is Nia's~

Lany:(...but she fell down due to her pencil case)Huh?!


(So Jajangmeyon ruined)


(The ending is left to your imagination)


6 : Heat Wave of May (1/2)[편집]

This time, arrow's color is cool cyan

Lany:Ahhh, It's too hot!

Lany:Huh.. Huh...

Lany:(With dead eye)Huh.. hu...ugh... Hot... so hot... too hot... ah...ahh....

Lany:(suffering by heat wave)

Nia:(get annoyed)

Nia:(Throw Lany to wall)AHHH! I KNOW IT IS HOT! SO BE QUIET, SISTER!!!

Nia:Ah... it's too hot... Btw, Wasn't there air conditioner here?


Nia:(looks her shining poison sting)

Nia:(rushing into air conditioner)I'm COMING!!!!!

(Nia intended to turn air conditioner with her sting)
(... But, turn on button was destroyed)
(And air conditioner Exploded)

Person(who was walking):Huh?


- To Be Continued

7 : Heat Wave of May (2/2)[편집]

Doesn't it look different?

Lany:Ahhhhhhhh, Too Hot!


Person:(be engulfed by explode)


Nia:Ouch... Air conditioner...?

Nia:(looking the broken down air conditioner)Oh


Nia:Noooo!! I turned you up, but why you didn't turn on!!! Ahhhhhh!

Niki:Huh... It's too hot...

Niki:Due to broken down of air conditioner, we should bear by a fan until it repaired...

Niki:The Fan is...

Niki:(fan stolen by someone)Huh?!!

Niki:Fan is...!


Nia:(While flying forward)This Fan is Mine Now!

Niki:H.. Hey! Stop?!!

Nia:hehehehe, Yes!!!

Nia:Hiding like this, and I get the wind of fan alone!

Nia:(while flying even don't know there was a window in front of her)XD


(Window broke)

Nia:Oh no

Niki:Hey!!! Are you okay?!!

Nia:Y.. Yeah sister.. I'm alive...

Nia:I'm okay, but how is the fan?

(That fan died)


Nia:Why, WHY!!! Don't Die! DO NOT DIE!!!!


Lany:What happened?

Niki:No, don't care about...

Lany:Okay. Then, I bought some ice cream... Would you like to eat?

Nia and Niki:(surprised and glowing)

Lany:Hey! Calm Down! Wait! Okay! I'll Give You!!! D:

Nia:Oh My God...


Lany:t.. this is.. so good..?

Lika:(while eating ice cream)They play well..

Ririka:(while eating ice cream too)yeah.

Lika:It's to hot. So let's go home.

- To Be Continued
But Next Episode is not Exist!