Keyboard Avoid box

Keyboard Avoid Box!!, 키보드피하기 box!!
Original by 신군 (Sin Gun)
Translated by 드플&거미몬 (Dfle&Spidie)

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As a note that, there are only NPCs.



(NPC's Requests)[편집]

찬혁이(Chan Hyeoki): Select one of two things.

  1. Find real coin TT
    • What you should find : (10 won coin) / Difficulty : It defends your luck
  2. (sigh) I don't wanna go for errands... I don't wanna go due to my bother, please go for errands instead of me
    • What you should find : Errand / Difficulty : Extremely Hard

수박맛(Like watermelon taste): I dropped a leftover watermelon, but it was lost... Please find it..

  • What you should find : (the leftover watermelon) / Difficulty : Easy

ymin: I lost my Ynic Ball. while going to my home. Find it and come to me....

  • What you should find : (Ynic Ball) / Difficulty : Easy

미니카(mini car): Find my mini car~!

  • What you should find : (his mini car) / Difficulty : Hard

†크군†(†Cukun†): (sobbing) I lost my crystal while sleeping TT

  • What you should find : (the crystal) / Difficulty : Hard

세모(Triangle): ... My Black Star...

  • What you should find : (black star) / Difficulty : A Little Hard

뚜러뻥z(Plunger-z): Find my Plunger Warehouse please...

  • What you should find : (the plunger warehouse) / Difficulty : Hard

sonlc: Mmm... My twinkle star was lost.... Can you find it for me?

  • What you should find : (his twinkle star) / Difficulty : Intermediate

돌아온참치군(Tuna who came back): My Yummy Box was lost.. Please find it..

  • What you should find : (His Yummy Box) / Difficulty : Easy

창공박사(Dr. firmament): Mmm.. Sea scents and others are okay.. But I dropped my note book into sea...

  • What you should find : (His note book) / Difficulty : Basis

아루(Aru): (Crying) Ar who is my friend didn't come out from that lava cave TT

  • What you should find : (Ar who is his friend) / Difficulty : Hard

저승사자(Grim Reaper): find my cape

  • What you should find : (His cape) / Difficulty : Intermediate

시드니(Sydney): I want to see Music Flash Animations... Please take me way to Flash 365.

  • What you should find : (a portal) / Difficulty : Hard

레이(Rey): My red eye patch was lost.. There are other colored things so find only red thing

  • What you should find : (red eye patch) / Difficulty : Intermediate

밸리스(Balis): I Should Find My Mask..!

  • What you should find : (his mask) / Difficulty : Intermediate

왜사냐(Why are you living): Find my!!.... Laser Bazooka

  • What you should find : (his laser bazooka) / Difficulty : Intermediate

마륀(Maruine): Find MY pistol

  • What you should find : (his pistol) / Difficulty : High

루(Lu): Bread Bread, Find bread

  • What you should find : (a loaf of bread) / Difficulty : High

내심장세라믹(My heart is Ceramic): Find my ceramic heart

  • What you should find : (his ceramic heart) / Difficulty : Intermediate

화염의샤이라: Find my spirit

  • What you should find : (his spirit) / Difficulty : Intermediate

대박나고파: Ah.. My long sword...

  • What you should find : (his long sword) / Difficulty : Hard

지호임다(I'm Jiho): I like oranges. Please find it

  • What you should find : (an orange) / Difficulty : Hard

폭풍돌이(Stormy): Catch my tornado that is on my body

  • What you should find : (tornado) / Difficulty : Intermediate

(Game Over)[편집]

(the man who is Box's owner is crying next to broken Box)

Restart the life

(NPC's Requests Completed)[편집]

찬혁이(CHan Hyeoki):

  1. Your luck is great...
  2. Wow!! How could you go for errands for me! I won't be scolded by my mom! YEAH~!

수박맛(Like watermelon taste): (eating).. It is Delicious..!

ymin: Thanks!!!

미니카(mini car): thx~!!

†크군†(†Cukun†): Oh Yeah! Thank you! Now, I can go back to heaven!

세모(Triangle): Is this my black star?! So Thanks

뚜러뻥z(Plunger-z): Ha! Look those many plungers!!

sonlc: Oh, my twinkle star!! Very thanks!!

돌아온참치군(Tuna who came back): O~~tto~~gi~~ Yum Yum Yum Bo Bo Bo XXX??? Wow, Really Thanks

창공박사(Dr. firmament): Ah, thanks. I should continue to solve math problems...

아루(Aru): (sobbing) A... Ar!! So Thanks

저승사자(Grim Reaper): thx

시드니(Sydney): Wow, the girl who showed up in Gangbyeon Expressway, Story of short kid, My way, and U R doing this... There are many things to watch~!

레이(Rey): OH YEAH!! THX

밸리스(Balis): Umm.. I can hide my face again..

왜사냐(Why are you living): Thanks for finding my bazooka

마륀(Maruine): Mmm.. Thanks. I can start the war agai.. (be shot) Ahh!!

루(Lu): (eating)

내심장세라믹(My heart is Ceramic): I'm going to REVIVE??

화염의샤이라: Oh.. I'm not sad now... Because I'm together with my spirit...

대박나고파: lol THX, I'm gonna Hunt AGAIN!!

지호임다(I'm Jiho): (while eating)Don't you try?

폭풍돌이(Stormy): YOU COOL!!!