Lead the Uninhabited Island


무인도 이끌기 영작
Turning '무인도 이끌기' to English

분량이 적어서 영작 연습하면 다할것 같아서 직접 그냥 바로했죠 뭐
Well, since this amount is small, so I would finish it if I practiced turning it to English, so I just did it.


Mini Two Children:Wow~

Mini Two Children:It is a Giant!!

The Girl(the main character):(with anger)A giant..?

The Girl:Wait a minute..

The Girl:Those children...

The Girl:Their appearance is so odd and..

The Girl:short..

The Girl:Why am I here..

Mini Two Children:(Frightened)The giant is Angry now!!

Mini Two Children:Let's Run!

(They ran away)

The Girl:I should check anyone.. not me..

(She looked around)

The Girl:Who is them..

Four Ladies:I think that is.. she..

Four Ladies:is the giant leader.. who will lead.. our village??

Four Ladies:Umm..

The Girl:Hey..

The Girl:Where is.. here?

Four Ladies:This is an uninhabited island..

Four Ladies:We rode a boat and reached here from mini peoples country..

Four Ladies:Follow us..

(Follow them and entered to a mayor's house)

The Mayor:Welcome..

The Mayor:I am a mayor of this village..

The Mayor:Please, lead our village well..

The Girl:I'm sorry, but..

The Girl:Okay..

The Mayor:I'll become your guide..

(Now Patching)

The Mayor:There are two children..

The Mayor:Look over there too..

(Looked over there)

The Mayor:People are playing at pond over there..

The Mayor:Let's meet at next episode.. ~

Developer's Message[편집]

I made this game.. while watching Virtual Villager..

It might be similar~..

I'm sorry..

Anyway Recommending is essential..~