Nintendo DS - Come and Play, Animal's Forest


내 두번째 영작 : My second turning Korean to English in earnest.

놀러오세요, 동물의 숲 : Come and Play, Animal's Forest

진짜 닌텐도 게임은 아님 : It isn't a real Nintendo Game.

고로 Animal Crossing도 아님 : So, It isn't Animal Crossing either.

Please, click the screen.
Made by [주]왕뚜껑짱이야 ([Company]Wang-Tukong-is-Great)

Come and Play!
Animal's Forest


Guide:Please, select a character.

(Click the ponytail black hair girl)

Guide:And, write her name and age.

(assuming you wrote two options, and next)


Name : The Girl (my potion)
Age : 14 (my potion)
Condition : Good..

Making my house and neighbors[편집]

Guide:Hh? It seems she wants something..

The Girl:I wanna watch Temptation of Wif..

The Girl:No no no.. please, make my house!!

Guide:Temptation of.. What? Anyway, click the woods

(Woods - when they appeared?)

Guide:Next, Click Korean paper,the eco-friendly material!!

Guide:And Next.. Click the mud!

Guide:Complete!! Click the door..

The Girl:Hmm.. It is good~ Thanks :)

Guide:Ha.. You're welcome.. Click the door.

Guide:And now, let's greet your neighbors!

(in village)

Guide:Pass these neighbors

Yellow-Tukong Meow:Hi~

Tukong Woof woof:Hi~

Tukong Squeak:Hi~ (maybe)

The Girl:Register an acquaintance of animal neighbors :)

Guide:Yeah :|

(Click the 'register an acquaintance' button)


Name : The Girl (my potion)
Age : 14 (my potion)
Neighbors : Yellow-Tukong Meow, Tukong Woof woof, Tukong Squeak

Guide:Neighbors are added in my information. And then, click the door!

The Tiny Conflicts[편집]

Guide:It is end of my ordering. Move at your will.

  • Map
Street of Neighbors 2 - Street of Neighbors 1 - Outside of My House - Shops in Street - Unknown Sunrise Place

The girl(in shops in street):The teleport shop..?

Yellow-Tukong Meow(in his house):Welcome meow~

Tukong Woof woof(in his house):Lately, Everybody says that Squeak's mother disappeared.

Tukong Squeak(in his house):(dropping tears)(*sobbing*)My mother.. left this letter and left..

Title : I am one with the sun.

I'm going to meet the sun.

I have wanted to this for a long time.

Squeak, I'm sorry..

If you find me, I'll come back..!

(So the girl go to unknown sunrise place)

Tukong Squeak's mother:I didn't know my son is trying to find me.. I'll come back now..

(And the girl come back to her neighbors.)

Yellow-Tukong Meow(in his house):After you moved to here.. problem is solved well..

Tukong Woof woof(in his house):In fact, Squeak's mother... went to the teleport shop and teleport-ed..

Tukong Squeak(in his house):So thank you, my mother came back.

The Ending[편집]

After that, the girl..

grew up..

With her neighbors...

The end!!

It's a little;; void -_-;;
[Though, please recommend it;; Why? I made it hard]