Raising the Ball

Raising the Ball, 공키우기
Original by 하츠네미쿠 (Hatsunemiku) (not real)
Translated by 드플&거미몬 (Dfle&Spidie)

Rasing the Ball


Go Out


The Protagonist: (picking his nose)

(while he doing that, the door bell rang)
(ans there was a box)

The Protagonist: Huh?

The Protagonist: Was that ding dong ditch?

The Protagonist: Huh? What's that?

The Protagonist: A box???

  • TIP : Click the Box

The Protagonist: Woah.. T.. This is...

The Protagonist: This is a ball! pet! which I wanted!!

Your name is.....[1]

The Protagonist: Leaf Ball, Hi!!

The Protagonist: Huh?

(The ball cries)

The Protagonist: What the, It is crying!

  • TIP : It is hungry
(Clicked 'Feed' button)


  • TIP : Click what you want and click it again

For Balls Bread : exp +4

You chose the bread
Would you feed pet with this?

(scroll down)


Pet is Eating You


The Protagonist: Phew, It's done..

The Protagonist: Will you go for a walk?

  • TIP : Go Outside!
(Clicked 'Go Out' button)

Going for a walk
Moving to Another House
  • TIP : Going for a walk

To be Continued...

All Frames : 492 frames
  • Developer's saying

Please comment much!!

And my computer had been broken.




Leaf Ball: (get scared)

Protagonist: Wha, What happened??

Protagonist: Huh? That is?

(Blueberry Ball came)

Blueberry Ball:......

Protagonist: OMG, that is Blueberry Ball that my friend's pet??

The Friend: Good morning!!

The Friend: Hi~~

Protagonist: Yeah

The Friend: You bought a ball... Didn't you?

Protagonist: Uhh...

(Wind was blown)

Protagonist: Shall we fight with pets??

  • TIP : nonononono

He Killed Your Pet..

(Leaf ball was dead by slashed into 3/4 and a quarter, and our hero despairs)

(scroll down)

  • !! : My friend gave me 'Chyu Chyu Tuna', Get It!!!
  • TIP : It wants to eat something


  • TIP : Click what you want and click it again

Chyu Chyu Tuna : exp +6

You chose the tuna
Would you feed pet with this?

(scroll down)


Pet Ate You

Pet said that You Were Delicious


Protagonist: Huh??

Protagonist: It is evolving because its exp reached 10!!

Protagonist: Wow!!

Protagonist: It is a little Awesome?

  • TIP : Shall we bath it?
(Clicked 'Bath' button)

At This time, it was a little short...
Although part 1's comments are much and recommendation was 55.. I'm sorry..... Please, watch the Rasing the Ball Dictionary. There isn't Chyu Chyu Tuna...
However, I added the friend's pet by request, I suggest you send me letters..


It is the Raising the Ball! Let's Go!! / Oh!! It is the LV Graph. It is also a Book
Character can be changed by developer's circumstances

Level 1 : (A leaf is on the ball's head)

Level 2 : (A young tree grew on the ball's head)

Level 3 : (A young tree grew up into a tree on the ball's head)

Didn't designed : ?

If you say about characters, designs, buildings, and items, I will draw them.
Inquiry: Ha Tsu Ne Mi Ku
Please, sent me letters by first-come, first-served basis.

Delicious Coke : exp +6

Bread for Balls : exp +4

Bitter Medicine : exp +20

Scarlet Pill : exp +2





Four ? are your idea!!

the end
  1. Randomly, I named it Leaf Ball