The English Short Novel : Historian of False

Once upon a time, there was a historian. She tells histories as like a bard. Some of people listened history stories carefully. The others, however, ignored her and didn't listened history. So...

The Historian: Hmmm...

The Historian: Is my history unfunny to others?

The Historian: If it is right, what should I do...

The Historian: Hmm, Oh, I see!

The Historian: I should change histories to fun stories!

So she started to change histories. No, she started to distort histories into fun stories. Though, it wasn't true, people enjoyed her false stories. She was satisfied by this. But one day...

Real Historian: Hey! That's not true history!

The Historian: What?

Real Historian: You are distorting histories!

The Historian: N... No!

Real Historian: Don't kidding people! I know all of histories! So I know that isn't true!

Real Historian: Hey people! Don't trust that liar!

People gasps

The Historian: Yeah Yeah I'm sorry

The Historian: But people didn't enjoyed stories!

Real Historian: All of people may not able to enjoy your story.

The Historian: W.. What?

Real Historian: I mean that if there is a fan, there is also an anti

The Historian: ...

Real Historian: Will you continue this lie, or quit lying?