The Glass Marble

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The Glass Marble     유리구슬
Original by E녀 (E-Nyeo)
Translated by 드플&거미몬 (Dfle&Spidie)


Apple: Really... What I can't expect happened.

Apple: Why did I get this tragedy...

Apple: I didn't know... my home became ruined..

Apple: BTW.. What are those black flames..

Apple: Ah.. My little brother... mommy.... daddy....

???: Aren't you wondering who did spread those black flames?

???: Haha... Humans are different from me...

???: They become sad by that things....

Apple: Who are you and why did you break my happiness....

???: Me? I'm 'Aggressive Woman (NPN)[1]'.

NPN: I feel good when your sadness and hate are more... Be more sad...

Apple: lol 'Aggressive Woman' is so simple!

NPN: Haha... You'll regret if you do that...

NPN: Darkness Crystal

(She shot the darkness sphere)

Apple: In the end... I'll pass away like others...

(then, some staff came in front of her and blocked the crystal)

Apple: What's.. this..

The Staff: Give your hand...

Apple: m.. My hand is given automatically!!

NPN: Haha! Can you stop my by just that toy staff?

NPN: Body Paralyze Power!

NPN: You're dead... Haha....

(She shot the power)

Apple: The staff isn't gonna block that again..

???: Smile Shield!!

(Someone summoned shield and blocked it)

Apple: !!

Apple: Who... did just help me??

Apple: Who.. are you..?

Oyuki: Me..? I'm 'Oyuki'....

Oyuki: As you looked that, NPN is collecting negative emotions.

Oyuki: The more she got those, the stronger she became..

Oyuki: Due to her, I've been framed as a wanted criminal...

NPN: Ha! I'm lucky. I met Oyuki who has the best defense magics...

(Then, her darkness escaped from her body)

NPN: Oh, no! My darkness!!

NPN: Apple, and Oyuki.. Be prepared when you meet me next time...

(NPN disappeared)

Oyuki: It seems you had a tragedy story....

Apple: As you saw, my home was destroyed by NPN..

Oyuki: Don't worry, your families died..

Apple: I know.. (BTW, why did she said 'don't worry' that makes me feel worse?)

Oyuki: Your brother, however, is alive fortunately..

Now Loading..

Apple: How do you know that?

Oyuki: I have foresight... So, you should prepare for revenge to her.

Apple: I don't have any magic powers...

Oyuki: Apparently, you have MP because that old tree staff chose you...

Oyuki: You should improve your power doing practice hard..

So, one year after Oyuki said that..

Apple: Soprano!

Apple: Ahhh... It feels strange!

Oyuki: (feels earthquake) Not again..

Oyuki: But.. it's now better than first..

Apple: But.. I even can't approach to NPN by this skill...

Apple: Ahh!! (Doing her best)

???: Sister!!

Apple: Huh?!

in part 2


Apple: Hiro, are you alive?

Hiro: What.. Do you want me died?

Apple: Umm.. No...

Apple: BTW, how did you survive?

Hiro: Me...?

Oyuki: You have better stop talking and prepare...

Hiro: Sis, who is she?

Apple: She? She is Oyuki.

Apple: NPN told she had powerful defense skills..

(then, Hiro felt something)

Hiro: t... That is!!

Hiro: Bear Shield

(Hiro's shield blocked something)

Apple: !!

Apple: I had better hear Oyuki's message..

Apple: Did NPN come again?

Hiro: No... She can't attack quickly like that...

???: Air Slash

(Someone attacked Hiro and he got hurt)

Apple: Hiro!!

Oyuki: Light Attack!

(She shot the light sphere and someone was shot)

???: How dare you shot me... But even Oyuki can't avoid this skill...

Apple: Hey, who is he..?

Oyuki: He? He's Kukun NPN's underling, who doesn't have strong attack but he is only fast.

Kukun: Can you avoid my strongest skill?

Kukun: Falling Black Pearl

(Kukun used that skill and the pearls are falling)

Apple: How dare you ruined my house and killed my family....

Apple: Guard Attack!

(Apple summoned sharp tree stem but Kukun avoided)

Kukun: Did you just think you could catch me with that speed?

(Then, some crystal arrow was shot to him)

Apple: What's that... arrow...

Oyuki: It seems... Juny helped us.

Apple: Who is Juny...?

Oyuki: Nevermind... BTW, I should block what falling to us...

(Pearls are still falling)

Apple: No, I'll block them..

Apple: Soprano

(Apple used that skill and blocked them successfully)

Apple: Oh, is my brother okay?

in part 3

PLZ recommend


Oyuki: Light Curidge

(She healed Hiro)

Oyuki: Don't worry. Your brother is okay.

Apple: Phew... I was shocked.

(then, a bush is shaking strangely)

Apple: ?

Apple: Not again.. Someone must be enemy!

Apple: Guard Attack!!

(She summoned the stem tree again, but...)

???: Wind Cutter

(Someone also shot the attack)

Apple: Why is that so fast??

Hiro: I'll help you!

Hiro: Question Animal

(Hiro summoned question mark)

Apple: Do you think you can block it with that?

(then the mark becomes...)

Hiro: Rabbit!!

Apple: Nevermind...

(The rabbit blocked it)

???: Apple. You improved a lot..

Apple: Kuha... did you survived? BTW, why did you attacked me?

Kuha: Hey, you attacked me first.

Kuha: And Oyuki, you also here..

Oyuki: Yeah.. BTW, where's Hwarang..?

Kuha: He was captured by NPN...

Hiro: Did you just say he got captured..?

Kuha: Yes.. So then, let's chase NPN now..

Now Loading - The Glass Marble

Hiro: Are you ready?

Three girls: yeah..

???: Wait!

???: I'm here too!!

Kuha: 'Juny'...

Apple: You're owner of the crystal arrow!

Hiro: Everybody came, so let's go!!

???: Wait... It isn't the start..

Apple: Guard Attack!!

(She summoned the tree stem and had him flown away)

Hiro: Sister!! That was brother, Hwarang!!

Apple: He just looked like a villain!

Kuha: He was cursed and controlled. So don't be angry like that.

Hiro: So then, let's go!!

Hwarang: T_T (Be exited in only 2 seconds)

in part 4!!


After a half hour from go...

Five People: Oh my god!! It's three-way road!!

Apple: Hey Oyuki, you know NPN better than us so you know the right way. Don't you?

Oyuki: No, sorry..

Kuha: As see that sign on that tree, first way must be right.


Quartets: As the tree is between first and second way, it might be second way too.

Kuha: what...

Quartets: The tree might be saying do not go...

Kuha: ...

Oyuki: So then, I'll go to second way.

Apple: Then, I'll go to first way with Hiro.

Juny: So then... We'll

Kuha: Go to third way...


Five People: Then... let's go!!

in NPN's headquarters

NPN: hehe... Good...

NPN: Bice and Kukun. Bother those five.

NPN: I'll bother Apple and Hiro, the siblings.....

NPN: And Hwarang... Protect here.

Three Villains: Okay... Ms. NPN...


Kuha: It's strange.. Why don't any villains come?

Juny: Final Attack!!

(Juny shot three big arrows)

Hwarang: (was shot) I had better protect...

Oyuki: Why did two villains come to only me..

Oyuki: Strongest Skill

Oyuki: Mega Shield

Kukun: Homing Crystal

Bice: Question...

Bice: Trump!! (summoning zeolite!!)

(Kukun shoots crystal and Bice throws zeolite)
(But Oyuki's shield blocked them and reflects)

Oyuki: Phew... It's end.. They didn't know it has reflection..

Oyuki: Aw... I'm tired now.

Apple and Hiro are in the severest trouble...

Apple: Oh my, why did NPN come to only us?

NPN: Long before, if person has the power of ground, he or she can solve any difficulties...

NPN: Dark Marble!!

Apple: What the.. Did she learn new skill already??

Hiro: Sister, use Guard Attack and have it flown away! And I'll attack to her!!

Apple: OK~

Apple: Guard Attack!!!

(She used the skill and made the marble flown away)

NPN: I expected that. However you didn't expected my skill...

NPN: Body Paralyze Power!!!

Hiro: Ahhh!! (Paralyzed)

Apple: Hiro!!!

in part 5!


Hiro: (Fainted)

Apple: Soprano!!

(But her skill couldn't block NPN's skill.)

Kuha: Typhoon!!!

(Kuha summoned a lot of typhoons and NPN fell down)
(and she exploded)

Apple: Is this... really her fate? It's too easy and empty.. (scratching her head slightly)

Kuha: No, it isn't... See that and you'll understand.

(There is a wood)

Juny: Kuha! Plz go slowly!!

Apple: By the way, what's wrong with that wood?

Juny: This isn't the normal wood.

Juny: Originally, it's copy of NPN...

Juny: And her underlings aren't weak like what we experienced.

Judy: They... also can control woods!

Apple: Wait, where's Hiro?

Apple: He was just there before...

(then, the letter came to them)

Apple: What's that letter?

Do you wanna find Hiro?
Then, come to castle of corruption.
The faster you come,
the clearer his mental will be
-by. NPN-

Apple: (raged)

Apple: Let's Kill NPN And Find Hiro Now!!

Kuha: By the way.. Where's Oyuki..??

(Oyuki had taken her flight, she came to them)

Three Girls: Oh! Oyuki!!

Oyuki: Take this now!!

Three Girls: O.. OK...

Oyuki: Enter.

Apple: I didn't know here is wide...

Oyuki: I just expanded that space with magic So don't be too expected

Oyuki: Will Hiro OK?.. Are my mommy and daddy...?

(then some power came to her body)

Apple: What was that..? It seems strong power entered to me..

Oyuki: Finally, we arrived!!

Apple: Here is the castle of corruption....

Apple: But it looks shabby..

in Part 6!

(Dear to Readers, Dfle & Spidie's message)[편집]


E녀 didn't made Part 6.

E녀 got tired of making this animation.

At least, E녀 didn't forget it and thought about rest of story.

  1. 난폭녀 → Nan Pock Nyeo