The Martial Arts, 무공
Original by 위대하신작가 (The Great Creator)
Translated by 드플&거미몬 (Dfle&Spidie)

(story) 편집

(1a) 편집

White Ball: (comes to Guide)

White Ball: Did you call me, mr. Guide?

Guide: Hey my student, gimme money.

White Ball: Until when are you steal my money?

Guide: Won't you?

Guide: (while hitting White Ball 3 times) Just Gimme.

White Ball: (got raged and uses martial arts)

Guide: (avoids all of them and counterattacks to White Ball)

White Ball: Stop.

White Ball: (attacks again, but got hit and flown away)

White Ball: (fell next to a house)

White Ball: Ugh...

White Ball: Let's run away.

White Ball: (runs away by stepping roofs and passes a wall)

Guide: I should SCOLD him who is rude.

Guide: Copy! (Uses skill and copies himself)

Guide: Let's go

Guide 1: OKDK

(Two Guides chases White Ball)

White Ball: (finds one of Guide) ...

White Ball: (so goes back but find another Guide) !

White Ball: Plz Don't kill me...

Guide 2: Would it?

Guide 3: But...

Guide 4: You don't listen well.

Guide 5: So.....

(Guide calls his many copies)

Guide: So, at next time,

Guide: You must give money when I request.

(Guide and his copies strikes White Ball)
(and a part of one house's roof was destroyed)
(White Ball fainted with wound)
(Guide's copies disappears)

Guide: Reflect on yourself

Guide: (goes away)

Yellow Ball: (then comes out of the house) What the, why the explode sound was heard in out side..

Yellow Ball: (Goes up to broken roof of his house and finds fainted White Ball)

Yellow Ball: WB!

Yellow Ball: (tries to wake up White Ball by hitting) Wake up!

White Ball: Huh? You are YB, aren't you?

Yellow Ball: Did you got hit again?

Yellow Ball: No way, you should learn martial arts.

(White Ball practices a lot in martial arts academy)
After 5 months

White Ball: My skill is a lot grown.

Guide: (Lying in the bench next to a hotel) The sky looks great....

White Ball: (attacks Guide)

Guide: (raged) Who!?

White Ball: C'mon!!

Guide: (ridicules?)

White Ball: (attacks again)

(Guide got angry)
(So they started to battle)

Guide: (pushes away WB) You aren't no match...

(WB attacks again but loses again)
(WB fainted with wounds and bloods)
(And Guide kicks away him)

Yellow Ball: (Finds that) Are You Okay?

Yellow Ball: You got hit more severely today!

Yellow Ball: No way, I'll defeat him.

(Yellow Ball goes to Guide)

Yellow Ball: (came) what, he isn't here.

Yellow Ball: Did he run away because he was scared by my skills?

Yellow Ball: True, my martial skills are so great. Haha

(then guide falls from rooftop of hotel and attacks YB)

Yellow Ball: It's you...

Yellow Ball: who bothered WB.

(Yellow Ball attacks to Guide but Guide defends YB)
(Guide strikes YB, makes the bench stood, and stand on the bench)

Guide: It is just your skills?

Yellow Ball: (got raged)

(YB attacks again, but Guide avoids)

Yellow Ball: (whoops)

Guide: So then, it's my turn.

(He makes the bench stood up so that YB can't attack to him)
(Guide made a surprise attack to YB)(the bench was broken too)

Yellow Ball: (had a blood in his head)

Yellow Ball: You are doing well?

Yellow Ball: I'll do properly, be prepared!

(They battles)
(Guide is gonna strike YB)

Yellow Ball: (concentrates)

(YB finally succeed to attack him)

Yellow Ball: My Special Move 'Fast Fist' that I practiced for a long time was succeeded at once.

Guide: (got a blood on his head) How dare you could hit me?

Guide: I'll kick your ass!

Yellow Ball: Hah, what R U going?

Guide: (Angry) Copy

Yellow Ball: Copy?

(then four guide's copies appeared)

Yellow Ball: What The!

Guide: Hmm

Guide 1: Shall we start?

Yellow Ball: !~

(Five Guides hits YB)
(YB entered in the hotel)
-in the hotel-

Yellow Ball: Where am I go?

(YB goes down)
(Then he recovers his head and gets a gun)

Yellow Ball: (fears) Did I fought with careless?

Five Guides: (Also entered)

Guide: Where did he go?

(Real Guide and his two copies goes up)
(and other two Guides goes down)
(Real Guide finds strange ball.)

???: Finally

???: You came!

(???'s eye turns into red eyes)

Guide: ...?

(Meanwhile, YB...)

Yellow Ball: (shoots gun to two copies and attacks but failed and got flown away)

Guide 1:Are you prepared to Die?

Yellow Ball: (in moribund)

Yellow Ball: (Sobbing) (I go to fought in vain..)

Yellow Ball: (Will I die like this...)

(Two Guides destroys YB)

Two Guides: Mission Completed (then disappear)

(Meanwhile, real Guide)

???: Let's talk something for a moment.

Guide: I don't know about you, garbage. But I'm busy!

(Three Guides go straight)

???: (made three Guides stop going) What R U Doing?!

Guide: Did you hit me?

(??? kills Guides' two copies quickly)

Guide: You are so fast?

(Guide makes a lot of his copies)

Guide: Regret that you hit me

???: Okay, what a rude man.

(then they battle)
(when the battle ends)

???: It is first that made me bothered with no big deal.

Guide: Okay, what is it?

???: Yeah, we should talk like this.

(meanwhile, WB)

White Ball: YB! Let's play!

(White Ball knocks door but there's no any responses)

White Ball: YB! Open the door!!

White Ball: Isn't he there? Then, I should come tomorrow.

(WB goes away)
Next Day

White Ball: YB! Let's play!

(White Ball knocks door again but there's still no any responses)

White Ball: Hey!

White Ball: He isn't there today.

The Next Day

White Ball: (repairs YB's house's roof)

White Ball: YB!

White Ball: I repaired your house's roof! Did I do well?

Spiller: Huh? Don't you know that Yellow Ball died?

White Ball: (shocked and goes down from the roof)

White Ball: Who died?

Spiller: Guide killed him. Why, are you friend with him?

White Ball: (Very Shocked)

White Ball: (and cries)

White Ball: Yeah, Guide.

White Ball: I tried to endure no matter what you do anything....


The Martial Arts
author:AK3600:정민성(Min Seong Jeong)

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(1b) 편집

The Martial Arts
author:AK3600:정민성(Min Seong Jeong)

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After a year

WB: I'm not enough of just my skills

WB: Let's find new teacher!

(WB came to a rock mountain)

WB: Somehow, feeling is good here.

Pruite: (came) How dare you invade my space!

WB: I heard that here is famous for martial arts so I came to learn.

Pruite: (breaks WB's text)

WB: Please, Teach Me!

Pruite: lol he's my first student!

Pruite: Then, first, turn around this mountain 200 times!

WB: (go to perform)

after 14 hours

WB: (whoops)

Pruite: Next is practicing defend.

WB: Can't you give me a break time?

Pruite: Then, go back to your home.

WB: Okay! I'll practice defending!

(Pruite attacks to WB and WB tries to defend)
(But Pruite was too strong to defend)

Pruite: Defend Properly!!

(WB failed to defend again)

Pruite: Do Again!!

(WB tries to defend again, but got attacked and flown away)
after 10 hours
(they are still practicing)

Pruite: Haha! You improved a lot.

Pruite: It is enough today.

WB: Thanks.

WB: By the way.. Where..

Pruite: Yeah, I'll give you where to sleep

(They came to cave)

Pruite: Live here while you are leaning.

WB: Thank you.

Pruite: Wait, I have an ask to you

WB: Yeah?

Pruite: Why did you come to learn?

WB: At first, I started doing martial arts for my hobby.

WB: I heard that Guide's martial arts class is. So, I learned it with Guide.

WB: Guide taught me well. However, he stole my money every day and usually hit me.

WB: Then, recently, he killed my friend.

WB: I couldn't endure it anymore. But my skill is lack so I came to learn.

Pruite: I know the dude, Guide.

Pruite: I have many resentments about him.

Pruite: Good work today

(they enters into a cave)
(then, two ninjas came in front of cave)

Advanced Ninja 1: I think here is right.

Advanced Ninja 2: Let's go!


Spiller: Are my underlings doing well?

???: Boss, I brought fifth dead body.

???: By the way, why are you collecting these useless bodies?

Spiller: Well... I just have talk that I'm joy when I see these bodies.

Spiller: Anyway, Pruite, the 6th body doesn't caught well..

Spiller: So I ordered my precious two advanced ninjas. So It will be worked.

(Two ninjas enters the cave)
(WB and Pruite are sleeping)

Pruite: (wakes up)

WB: (wakes up too) What's wrong?

Pruite: Someone is here.

Pruite: Probably, they came. They came to me almost every day..

WB: Sir, I'll defeat them.

Pruite: No. They are master.

Pruite: If you touch them, you will die.

Pruite: Especially, advanced ninjas also came so I can be in danger too.

Pruite: Follow me

(They go up to ceiling of the cave)

WB: Sir, I have good weapons.

Pruite: Be quiet.

Pruite: So what are they?

WB: For the worst possible situation, I brought five grenade.

Pruite: Good job. Maybe, however, it can't damage them.

Pruite: Oh, student. We should leave here first.

Ninja 1: I'm ready, boss.

Advanced Ninja: Okay, wait on and on.

WB: Leave? Where?

Pruite: An island

Pruite: Don't worry. Give me grenades first

(WB gives them to him)
(Two advanced ninjas came where WB and Pruite had slept)

Advanced Ninja 2: Huh? Boss. Spiller said he is here...

Advanced Ninja 1: Find well.

Pruite: Hold me closely.

(WB lifted up Pruite and Pruite drops one grenades to two ninjas.)
(One advanced ninja avoided it and find them)

Two Advanced Ninjas: He's there!!

(Ninjas started to chase them)
(WB and Pruite went to secret way and ninjas went straight)

Pruite: Phew.. We survived.

Pruite: Let's go to the island where I know.

(ninjas come out from the cave)

Advanced Ninja 1: Weren't they come out here?

One of Ninjas: No

(While Ninjas are finding them, WB and Pruite take airplane)
(WB and Pruite arrived)

WB: I'll build house.

Pruite: Make a shovel and pickaxe

(Like minecraft, WB breaks a tree, disassembles it into woods, and build houses)
(And he makes a shovel and pickaxe and gives them to Pruite)

Pruite: Find more trees. I'll dig for minerals.

(WB goes to find other trees.)
(And Pruite digs)
(Pruite's Digging humming)
(night went and morning came)

WB: Phew, we did it.

WB: Btw, what will you do with this?

Pruite: We'll defend us from enemies while you learning.

-Pruites's Island-
(in front of training ground)

WB: You got a lot of gold

(they enter)

WB: (looks ceiling) What are those metal pole?

Pruite: Today's training is wall climbing.

Pruite: I'll show you a demonstration.

(Pruite shows him wall climbing.)

Pruite: Try it.

(WB tries to climb wall but failed)

Pruite: Try again.

(WB climbed wall and hold a pole barely)

WB: Phew...

(But he failed to catch poles)

WB: (a little hurt) My skill isn't it originally...

Pruite: I painted them with oil.


Guide: What is it?

???: Please join our organization that collects dead bodies.

Guide: Nope (hit ??? and goes away)

???: (raged)

Guide: (lying on a white bench) one to three

Guide: Whew...

Guide: ... (Organization that collects bodies..?)

???: Hey!

(??? brings two Paparoes)

Guide: ?

(??? give one of them to Guide.)

???: Try it.

Guide: thx

(Guide eats the snack.)

Guide: It's sweet

Guide: Aren't you eating?

???: No thanks, eat it.

Guide: Really?

(Guide eats the snack again.)

???: Hey.. btw,

Guide: Are you gonna say that come to the organization?

???: Yes. Spiller is the boss so you can get much moneys.

Guide: I'm sorry. I don't want to join that organization.

Guide: But I'll help you when you needs help.

(and Guide came his training room)

Guide: Hey student!!!

Guide: Isn't he coming not to give money?

Guide: How dare he doesn't give me money, I can not forgive him.

Guide: I'm gonna Kill him.

The Martial Arts : episode 1