You and Me


너와 나 (영어)
너와 나 (English version)

Original by. 구름양

Part. 1[편집]

Chukiko:Oh, I'm thirsty.. I should drink some water..

Chukiko:Oh my;; There isn't any water;;

Chukiko:(finds a strange drink)Huh..? What is this..

(click the bottle)
(then click the cup)


(then she warped into strange place)

Chukiko:Huh!? Where am I!?

???:...Who are you?

Chukiko:I'm Chukiko. Where are you?

???:... Even I'm in front of you, you can't find me. You are so fool.

Chukiko:Wh.. Who are you!!

Black:Oh.. I'm Black. Don't be angry like that~

Chukiko:Where am I!! Why am I in here!!

Black:Here is our mind world. You drank my juice which can be encroached upon so you entered here.

Chukiko:Can.. be.. en..croac..hed.. Can be encroached upon?!

Black:Yeah. This body's owner is originally me. So you deserve death.

Black:Don't worry. Memories of here is remain as dreams so others will forget you.

Chukiko:I can't.. believe it..

Black:Did you understand? Die now.

Chukiko:Why did i exist? Who am I?...

Black:When I fall in to sewer, Yujin Seo, the moon rabbit changed the memory and you was born. You are another me. But I'm the real so you must die.

Chukiko:.. but...


Black:Goodbye (stabs Chukiko's heart)


Black:H..How you survived? I stabbed your heart!

Chukiko:I can't die.. I have my precious friends..

Black:... I'm not support you!!

Chukiko:It's okay.. I know you well.. Because you are me..

Black:Shut up!!! I'll kill you really now!!



Chukiko:So.. Sorry.. But, it's okay now.. You wished we would live together.. But it wasn't passed..

Black:... Yeah.. you are right.. I wanted be friendly with you.. I waited and waited you.. I don't hate you..

Black:Just.. just I was upset of you who came late...(sobs)

Chukiko:... Black..

Black:It's okay.. I think I was enough happy..

Black:Chukiko.. It was my fault.. In next, let's meet as friends!

Chukiko:Yes! ;)

(return to original world)



Chukiko:... :)

(And Chukiko's hair turns like Black's)

Part. 2[편집]

Chukiko:Huh.. My hair..(but I was changed all.)

Chukiko:Doesn't it matter? I should go out

(click the door)

Chukiko:(Black was merged at me as a memory piece after that day.)

Chukiko:(Sometimes... I can communicate with Black by using Margaret.)

Chukiko:(Major memories that I lost was given to Black, but I think it became one..)

Chukiko:(I wish she lived not as memory but as my friend in oneday...)

Chukiko:Hmm.. Is it a little cold?

???:Hey Chukiko~

Chukiko:Huh? Who is it?

Ryuz:... She isn't Chukiko..

Chukiko:Heh? Hey! I'm Chukiko!

Ryuz:Wow, did you dye?

Chukiko:Oh, It is because I became one with Black.

Ryuz:OMG! It seems you drank all of Black's blood. Black became a soul but you eat it too! (shocked)

Chukiko:What are you saying.. Black was my memory.

Ryuz:I can't understand you.. But where is your red marble which go with you?

Chukiko:This marble which stuck on my cloth is Margaret. Is it Margaret which you saying?

Ryuz:Oh I remembered that. Cheap Margaret in neighborhood market..

Ryuz:That is not Margaret but Margaret-U34!! It is my pet and partner!

Ryuz:Okay I'm sorry XD. Come to think of it, how did you meet Margaret? I think it just came..

Chukiko:Oh.. you can't know about that because I didn't tell. How I met Margaret...

(in her reminiscence)

Chukiko:That was a dark night. I wanted to look a moon, so I climbed mountain. But I lost my way..

Chukiko:But suddenly, the light shined somewhere. So I go there closely..

Chukiko:There was a red marble. Others wasn't invisible because of dark night.. As I grabs the red marble, it got wings and a tail.

Chukiko:While the red marble shining, I felt something sucked into that. But I don't know.. After that, I have a star in my right eye. And I'm living with Margaret.

(in present)

Ryuz:What a mysterious first meet..

Chukiko:I'm curious about something sucked. But I think it isn't very important... Well, I met it like this.

Ryuz:Okay. But why are you in outside?

Chukiko:I just go for a walk. But I met you. XD

Ryuz:XD so then, I'll leave. Genius is gonna training LOL!!

Chukiko:Hmm.. Well, should I go to the playground..

(at the play ground)


Chukiko:I don't have anything to do.. Should I go now?

(rustling sound)

Chukiko:(Did kids come?)

???:Miss Chukiko~!

Chukiko:Huh? Who called my with a word 'Miss'??...

(something came to her)



Chukiko:Huh? A rabbit?..

Snow Rabbit:I'm Snow rabbit!! Call me 'Sra' in short~★

Chukiko:Umm.. Okay.. Sra..; However, how do you know me? Who are you?

Sra:Oh, let me introduce myself. Sorry! I'm the fairy of snow which came from snow village. I have known you, Miss Chukiko before Margaret, a marble!!

Chukiko:Huh?? I don't know about you?? By the way, do you know Margaret?

Sra:Ah, you don't know that.. I know Margaret well!!! You stole Miss Chukiko!!

Chukiko:Stole? What are you saying? Let me know!

Part. 3[편집]

Chukiko:What are you meaning that Margaret stole me?

Sra:I came to you pick up asked by your mother from snow village. When you are 10 years old!

Sra:You lost your way, of all people! So I called you with light!!

Chukiko:Is that memory the day of first meet with Margaret?

Sra:That is just your distorted memory. And then, you came to light. However, Margaret rolled and you met Margaret.

Chukiko:Yes! As I grab Margaret, I got a star in my right eye.. and Margaret got wings and a tail..

Sra:That isn't all! Please look at that!!

Chukiko:Isn't that you?!

Sra:You supposed to meet with me. But it was messed up.. After hard work, I came to you who I should accompany!!!

Chukiko:Then.. How is Margaret?

Sra:... I can't let you know that.. If the time came, I'll tell.. I want to break the relations of you and it. But it isn't the time. For now, we should accompany.

Chukiko:(feels Margaret is strange)..? Hey Margaret..?

Margaret:(Be angry and attacks to Sra)

Sra:Are you refusing being together with me?!

Chukiko:What are you saying, Sra?..

Sra:Margaret refused being together with me and declared a battle!!!

Chukiko:Does Margaret dislike you?..

Sras:If it goes like this, I'll not let you slide!!! I'll battle with you and show you that I can keep and be together with miss Chukiko!

(two partners battles)

Chukiko:Whoa!.. It is dazzling!!!

Chukiko:If the situation like this, someone will die!! I must stop them!!!(and then she runs to them.)

(again in her mind)

Black:Chukiko.. Can you hear me?


Black:Hey... I'll do it. Okay?


Black:Please... Don't...

(present again)

Chukiko:(her appearance was back)... It seems someone.. talked to me..

Sra:Miss Chukiko! Are you Ok... It means that your appearance came back...!!

Chukiko:My appearance came back..?! H.. How?

Black:You don't have senses...

Chukiko and Sra:?!

Black:I'll take Margaret today. You will say good bye to it forever. I can't see that you do well.

Chukiko:!!! Margaret is my partner!!! Don't take it as you please!

Sra:Miss Chukiko!! Clearly, when I and Margaret battle, the Dark Ice Crystal was made and you divided again. But it was absorbed to miss Black!!!

Chukiko:It's okay! I'm half Vampire! So if I take care her well...

Sra:I.. It is impossible... Didn't you noticed that? Your vampire power was stolen too. So now, you are just a human! So you are defenseless now!

Chukiko:Then, what should I do!

Black:You are so noising. There's no time to meet again. So good bye. Ha.

Chukiko:Black!!! Margaret!!!

(After that)

Chukiko:I.. I can't believe that I became just normal person.. I don't dislike that, but how I rescue Margaret!!! How I get back Black and be friend again!!! (cries)

Sra:d.. Don't cry TT


(Then Chukiko transforms)


Sra:I didn't know that I transform with you, Miss Chukiko!! Let's follow them!!

(After Jump game)

Chukiko:(breaths hard)Black!!

Black:Why are you tired? That clothes...

Chukiko:I'm came to save you! You are get controlled by a devil!!!

Black:It's no use!! I wanted to be like this!!! Don't care about me!

Chukiko:If I didn't care about you, I wouldn't came here!(shouts)


Chukiko:Remove the devil's crystal and let's be friends together.. You don't hate it.. So before, we have a heart together.

Black:I.. I don't hate that..

Chukiko:B.. Black! What happened!

Part. 4[편집]

Black:Damn it.. My head is ringing..

(in the unknown place)

Black:Where.. Am I..

???:Welcome, girl.. Here is your grave..

Black:Before listen your story, you have to unlock this.

???:If I unlock that, you should exceed. So to control your power, you should lock that.

Black:Ha, you aren't having bravery to win exceed me. It is no worth to battle.

???:... I'll unlock you. Anyway, you don't have any power to win now.

(the locker bracelet unlocked)

Black:(I can't move...)

???:It is useful to lock you with locker bracelety. Your power is locked so you'll die unable to resist.

Black:Who are you!! Why are you going to kill me?! Where am I!!

NEON:I'm NEON. The snow rabbit and red marble made me, the dark crystal.

NEON:And here is your grave.. I'll kill you and make you into new life...

Black:Why are you going to kill me and made into another life?!

NEON:Because.. Your sacrifice looked good.


(Before a while)

Black:Chukiko.. Can you hear me?


Black:Hey... I'll do anything bad... Okay?


Black:Please... Don't hate me...


Black:(stood up)If it like this... isn't it right to live me longer..?! How about memories with her!!

NEON:It isn't important to me.

Black:You would have know too! If you had looked us... How about our memories and friendships...?!


NEON:(shows the screen)The reason of that you can't die is that girl?

Chukiko:(in the screen)Black TT Where are you ;(


NEON:If you can't die because of her...

NEON:I will kill you together.

Black:Don't kidding!

(Black attacks to him but fails)

NEON:Did you know? You who lost your power can't do anything.


NEON:Would you join me after knowing the reality and die?

NEON:Or, would you die with her? But only you will revive alone.. Haha...

Black:(Damn it!! There were my vampire power, but it was locked! In other words, I'm the useless human too!)

Black:(To save Chukiko, should I die..?! So then, who will wipe her tears?!)

Black:(I don't want to cut relations with that crybaby...)

Black:I cannot die like this! Chukiko!! Wait a minute!!

Part. 5[편집]

Black:So.. I was divided again by battle of Sra and Margaret..

Black:After that, I absorbed the dark feelings. So I got violent. As Chukiko's voice was listened, I came to here...

Black:What can I do is only stop him...?

Chukiko:Black disappeared again...

Chukiko:I hate this... I want see Black and Margaret..

Chukiko:Why this bad things is happening to me?.. Why is Black angry to me?... What did I do wrong?... What did I....

Sra:Miss Chukiko! Calm Down!


Sra:Oh this feeling is!

Chukiko:What is it?

Sra:Margaret was felt! I feel its power near...

Chukiko:Huh? A hole is on the ground...

Sra:I feel Margaret's power strongly! Probably, Margaret called us!

Chukiko:So then, If I enter this hole, can I meet Black?

Sra:I'm not sure.. But doing it will be better..!

Chukiko:Hmm.. You are right. Let's enter!

(entered to white room)

Chukiko:It is dazzling.. Where is here?

Sra:I think here is simple empty white room..

Chukiko:yeah.. By the way, what is that cage..?





Chukiko:Margaret! You was safe!

Chukiko:But why is Margaret in here..?

Margaret:(says something)

Sra:It said it was locked up by someone.

Chukiko:Who? Another is here except me and Black?

Sra:Yeah. It seem to be like that.. It seems someone has relation with us..

Chukiko:So then, why did he lock Margaret?

Sra:I don't know that.. But leastways, I can tell that Miss Black's power is felt over that door.

Chukiko:So then, let's go!

(entered into colorful room)

Chukiko and Sra:...

Chukiko:Where am I..? It isn't unfamiliar..

Chukiko:Huh? This is only thing that has an achromatic color..

Chukiko:(touches that gray thing)

Chukiko:My head is ringing...

(Chukiko's past)

Chukiko:Mom! It is snowing!

Chukiko's mother:Yeah~ Chuki loves snows~

Chukiko:It is white and pretty! You are white like snow! It looks like you! Right?

Chukiko's mother:Really?


Chukiko's mother:Look it. It's your gift.

Chukiko:Wow! It is round snow rabbit!

Chukiko's mother:Hello~ I'm Snow rabbit who was made of snow!! Call me 'Sra'~

Chukiko:Hey~ I know that mom is talking!

Chukiko's mother:This was made of special snow, so it can talk~ Maybe, it will protect you~



Chukiko's mother:What is it?

Chukiko:Can I put Sra into refrigerator so that it wouldn't melt?

Chukiko's mother:Good idea! Then, it is cold so let's go home back?




Chukiko:What was... that...

Sra:That was your memory of promise with me!

Chukiko:...? I didn't any promise...

Sra:Your mother talked! I'll protect Miss Chukiko!

Chukiko:I wasn't aware... By the way, why did you come late?

Sra:Because, my promise is triggered after you doesn't have your guard...


Chukiko:I see.. My mother is gone..

Chukiko:My mother.. was sick.. Her white skin was her ill symptoms.

Chukiko:I don't know my father's appearance.. So, I became alone..

Chukiko:My mother knew I would become alone. So she said that Sra will protect me?

Sra:Miss Chukiko! Wake up! You should find miss Black!!

Chukiko:But I don't know where I am.. I don't know my way.. Where is here? Why there are my memories?


Sra:I think here is where the space-time was cracked by huge energy that formed when I and Margaret battled..

Sra:So, Miss Black and Chukiko was divided. Miss Black got violent as a side effect, and your memories are came here.

Sra:And maybe, that someone also was affected..

Sra:And I felt it before a while, something strange is felt over there.

Chukiko:Something strange...

Chukiko:I wish Black is over there..

Sra:She will be there!

Chukiko:Then, let's go! Lots of time is gone!

Margaret:(Says something)

[There are only joyful memories here]
[Mad memories are just feeling over there]
[Actually, It feels like someone's feeling who locked me up]
[If he really formed with our bad memories and our power,]
[you should sacrifice your joyful memories to remove him.]
[That means, you lost your memories.]
[Are you determineded]



Chukiko:It's Okay.

Chukiko:Memories can be made again.



Sra:I see.. Shall we go?

Chukiko:Okay. Wait a minute Black..

(Dark Place called Black's grave)


Black:Why isn't that mask man hurt?!


Black:?! Margaret..?

Chukiko:Oh, Black!

Black:.. Chukiko..?

Chukiko:Sra.. is someone he?

Sra:Yes! I'm sure!

Chukiko:Okay! Let's shift Black! Margaret! Take care her!

Black:No..!! Chukiko.. Come back!!

NEON:What an idiot.. You came to your grave yourself.

Chukiko:Heh, Will that be true?

Chukiko:Sra! Please! You said you protect me? Black him so that he can't attack!

Sra:Yeah! I block his movements! Cheer up!


Chukiko:Black.. Don't be angry even I lost memories of you..

Black:What.. Chukiko! What are you doing!!

Chukiko:If we don't kill him.. we'll die..

Chukiko:Rather, It is better that I lost my memories.

Sra:Miss Chukiko! Now!

(NEON and Chukiko attacks each other)
(NEON fall down and his mask was broken)



NEON:What is..!

Chukiko:Hmm.. He resembles Sra and Margaret..

Chukiko:Sacrificing my joyful memories, my all memories and you will be disappeared.

NEON:You are doing stupid. You will also disappear!

Chukiko:What?! How?! (start disappearing)

NEON:Because, I am you. (start disappearing too)

Chukiko:What..? No.. I existed before. I wasn't formed with power like you..

NEON:You are mistaken


NEON:At will, you made me. But you remove me at will. You are so~ great.

Chukiko:Sorry.. I didn't intended to make you.. I didn't intended to remove you... I thought if I had not do this, we would have died.

NEON:... I was made of bad memories so it can not help it. My head is filled with bad memories. If I didn't disappear now, you would died probably.

NEON:And there's no time.(disappearing fast)

Chukiko:Black.. Sra.. Margaret...(disappearing fast)


(they disappeared and only Black escaped)


Black:When I was here? I was thirsty so I drank some drinks but I can't remember anymore..

Black:And.. it is empty.. Like something was perforated..

Black:I can't remember... It wasn't important so I forgot...

Black:Dark... Dark thing... Hmm...

Black:Just my head is hurting.. Let's go home now?

(Margaret came)

Black:Huh? What is this?



Black:Huh? Where the voice heard?

Margaret:[I'll show everything. Please don't forget her]

Black:her? What are you saying?... Where the voice..

Margaret:[I was right eye of her. I'm a memories storage. When I opened my eye, I carved her eye]

Margaret:[I have all of the memories that she saw. But now, she doesn't exist. So I can't endure anymore]

Margaret:[Like that melted away snow rabbit, I'll be broken away]

(Melted snow and leaves are on the ground)


Black:That red marble in front of me is talking..

Margaret:[You know her very well]

Black:You are talking about 'her' but I don't know about her.

Margaret:[I'll show you memories..]


Black:(remembered something)...?

Margaret:(keep showing)[Please.. Remember.. Another you who made of your imagine...]

Black:Those.. are my childhood..

(and finally remembers battle with NEON)


Black:(remembered completely)!!!!

Black:Ch.. CHukiko?.. Margaret.. Sra... NEON...

Black:Why.. Why did I forget?.. Those important memories...


Margaret:(going to disappear)

Black:Margaret... You...


Black:No... Don't disappear too... I remembered finally.. Why are you also disappearing!!!

Margaret:[ Chukiko's... Right Eye... Unless there.. is Chukiko.. I can..t.. exist...]

Black:Please.. No...


Black:Don't disappear... Don't leave me...

Black:I hate this...

Black:Please.. Don't go away...

ED - From the beginning, I was alone.